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We are a retailer that obsesses about delivering the cutest and happiest experienced cat product to cat lovers in the world.

We always provide products that are physically and mentally pleasing to you all the time, also engaged emotionally happy. Everything we do is guided by out vision : 

Happier Cats and People!


Story of a founder of Cat Lover.ga

Story of a founder of Cat Lover site.
Shota who loves so much about a cat, adopted a red tabby cat from street in Japan in 2011, he was just born within a week. He named his cat, Ren. He was so tiny and skinny at that time and got cold when Shota took him to a hospital.

Ren was so strong enough to stand and survive. He grew up so fast and bigger and so cutter! Shota has been so obsessed about Ren ever since he adopted. He wished Ren's healthy life forever.

However, they had a great life together for 3 months, He found out that Ren got Feline stomatitis,his doctor said. At the time, doctor told them that it was not curable...

Shota was so sad that he could not do anything about this. Only thing he could do is to take off these teeth that has Feline stomatitis. Off course, the surgery was succeeded, but still Shota wanted to something about it.

He is not a veterinarian, so he decided to donate for labs that will study for curing veterinarian. We know the study is not enough compare to Human, so he wanted to treat all the cats as more than human. He will fight for it until it is curable to all cats.

So he decided to sell cat items to people who understand our concept and donate $1 every purchase you make. He wanted to go a little by little and do it better than doing nothing.

Join us if you agree our mission!
Thank you
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